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Are You An Error Message Airhead?

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

Have you ever sent us a question about an error message without first looking it up in the GroupWise 5.5 Troubleshooting Guide? If so, we hereby dub thee an "error message airhead." However, we quickly and frankly forgive you for your faux pas and present to you this shameless plug for this guide, so you'll never be an error message airhead again.

Here you'll find explanations of:

  • GroupWise Engine Error Codes
  • Agent Error Messages
  • Administration Error Messages
  • Client Error Messages

Every time we update the the Troubleshooting Guide, we search the Support Connection Knowledgebase for the latest in error message solutions. Then we link that new information right to the place in the GroupWise documentation that will help you complete the steps to resolve the problem. (You can access the Knowledgebase directly, and that's great for those who know almost as much as the support engineers. But if you need a little more help than that, come to the Troubleshooting Guide. It will link you to the GroupWise documentation you need to solve your error message problem.)

All future error message airheads will receive a link to this tip as their response to error message questions that are already answered in the 5.5 Troubleshooting Guide. However, if you have tried all the documented solutions and none of them solve your problem, then we'd love to hear from you. We know which programmer owns every single error message (well, almost...). As we dig up more solutions, we can add them to the next version of the Troubleshooting Guide. Who knows how many other GroupWise administrators you might help by contributing a new error message solution to the GroupWise Troubleshooting Guide!

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