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Return Notification Keeps You "In the Know"

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

You've scheduled a very important meeting with some very important people. To your dismay, the hour of the meeting arrives and the key player (besides yourself, of course!) does not. She is attending a conference in Europe (which you would have known if you'd remembered to check the appointment properties -- she politely declined last week). Do you go ahead with the meeting or reschedule? Whichever you choose, you're wishing you'd kept on top of who was planning to attend your meeting.

You assign a very important task to your secretary. You expect the task to take about a week. A week after assigning the task, you discover that your very efficient secretary has completed the task a long time ago. You could have used those precious days to push your very important project ahead. But you missed the chance.

We're all busy. Business life is hectic. The more things we can automate, the fewer things we forget to do. By setting return notification on very important items, you automatically receive status tracking information right in your mailbox, without having to remember to check item properties.

Return Notification on an Individual Item

To set return notification on a particularly critical item,

  1. In the GroupWise client, open a new message, appointment, task, or note.

  2. In the item view, click File > Properties > Status Tracking. For an appointment, the dialog box looks like this:

    Appointment Properties dialog box

    Depending on the intensity of your need to know, you can receive a return notification when an appointment is:

    • Opened
    • Accepted
    • Deleted

    For tasks, you can also select receive notification when the task is Completed.

    You can also choose how you want the notification to come to you. The When... drop-down lists in the Return Notification box offer return notification by:

    • Mail Receipt
    • Notify
    • Notify and Mail

    You can choose your notification method based on the urgency of the situation.

  3. Select the type of return notification you want for this critical item > click OK.

  4. Finish creating your item as usual, secure in the knowledge that you'll know whatever you want to know about what the recipients do with it when it arrives.

Just think of all the problems you can nip in the bud by keeping yourself "in the know" about what recipients are doing with your critical appointments, tasks, and other items!

Default Return Notification

Of course, return notification is off by default. You certainly wouldn't want to be notified every time every recipient opens every message you send! (Would you?) On the other hand, it would be nice to have automatic notification for everything in certain categories, such as tasks. You can set defaults by item type:

  1. Click Tools > Options > double-click Send > click the item type where you always want return notification.

  2. Set the options as we explained above.

  3. Click OK > Close.

    You'll now get return notifications for all items of the selected type.

But I Want to Be Notified When Someone DECLINES an Appointment or Task!

Of course, you do! Bet you couldn't guess from the interface that you can do that... Neither did we. But thanks to a timely tip from one of our best Support contacts, we can bring you this exciting revelation. Look take another look at that Appointment Properties dialog box.

Appointment Properties dialog box

See the drop-down list labeled When Deleted? Guess what! If you set return notification for When Deleted, you get notified when an item is deleted AND when it is declined. The notification will say "deleted," not "declined," because that's what actually happens in the recipient's mailbox. That raises a red flag to you to check item properties for comments from that recipient.

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