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Spell-Checking Automatically

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

You’ve just gotten out of a meeting, steaming mad at all the snide comments made about your new project, and you want to send an articulate, I-am-completely-capable message to those nasty co-workers to show them you really do know what you’re talking about. You spend an hour composing the masterpiece and send it off, feeling that now you’ll start to get a little respect around here. Immediately there is a response...what, praise so soon? “Hey Arthur, how do you spell importnat?” Oh no, you forgot to spell-check the message! You’ll never be able to show your face again. Well, the laughing is bound to die down, but here’s a way to guarantee that’ll never happen again. Click Tools > Options > double-click Environment > select Check Spelling Before Send on the General tab > click OK. Now, every message you send will automatically be spell-checked before it goes out, even when you are too flustered to remember.

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