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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

Bonnie created and managed a whole slew of documents for the department, but now she’s moving on to greener pastures. How much of a pain will it be to change the author’s name in every one of those documents to Shane, the fortunate heir of the documents? Lucky for you, it’s a one-step process. Kind of like having quintuplets (or more): get all your kids for the price of one pregnancy. Okay, you realize there’s added complexity, but you get the idea. Click Tools > Mass Document Operations. Make sure Change Properties is selected and use a Selection Method to pick which documents you want to affect. Click Next > type in the new Author name > click Next. Click Preview to see all the documents that will be affected > specify a log file directory > click Finish. Of course you need appropriate document and library rights to do this. And we recommend reading Help before you begin (that’s Help > Help Topics > Index > type mass > double-click mass document operations > read some topics). Check out what else you can do to a group of documents when you get into Tools > Mass Document Operations.

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