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Posted: 10 Jun 1999

Hey! Have you ever right-clicked your Notify icon?

"What," you may ask, "is a Notify icon?" It's that little GroupWise globe that sits on the Windows taskbar. You've probably figured out that when there's an envelope on top of the globe, it means you have new mail, and if the globe is gone, Notify isn't running. But have you ever right-clicked your Notify icon? Let's try it right now -- right-click, then click Options -- and see what we get!

General options

Here's the spot where you can control how long your notifications are displayed. Some people like to have their notifications hang around for a while, so they don't miss a single one.

And here's where you can control which folders GroupWise checks for new items. Maybe you have a rule that drops messages from your boss into an Important file and you want to be sure you know when one arrives. Maybe you have a folder where you'd just as soon not know when new items arrive! You know, that folder with a rule that grabs everything from your Internet-savvy teenagers when they try to pester you at work.

And did you know that not all notifications have to be created equal? If you're bored with getting the same old thing for messages, appointments, tasks, and notes, you can set up something new and different for each one. Then you can tell what just arrived in your mailbox even if your back is turned. Just click the Notify tab and here's what you see.

Notify options

Hint: To activate the Settings drop-down list, you have to deselect Use Same Settings for All Types. If you're like us, that's not intuitively obvious!

Maybe notes aren't high on your priority list, so you turn off notifications for notes. But tasks are a different matter. When your boss sends you something new to do, you need know right away so you can hop right to it.

Once you're happy with what happens when new items arrive in your mailbox, you can move on to playing with what happens when it's time to go to a meeting. For appointment alarms, you may need a major auditory event that will burst through whatever you're doing and get you out the door on time for meetings. Set that up under the Alarms tab.

For all your notifications and alarms, you can choose from standard Windows sound files or even create your own. Be considerate of nearby co-workers, though. They may find your choice of sounds less aesthetically pleasing than you do.

Obviously, we haven't covered all the customizations you could try out. But help is close at hand. Notify has its very own Help file, so all the information you need is just a right-click away! Have you right-clicked your Notify icon today?

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