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Posted: 10 Jun 1999

One of the promises of GUI has always been the easy Drag 'n Drop. But it’s rarely been that easy. Or very successful, for that matter. But GroupWise 5.5 has Drag 'n Drop in spades. One of the coolest examples is what we like to call the “To box 2 step.” Click in the To box of any message. Click the first address, then Shift+Click the last message. Without letting go (if you let go, you’ll only get one address), drag that passel of addresses to the To box of another message you’re creating. Or, if you like to compose your messages in, say, WordPerfect, select the text in WP, then drag the selection into the Message box of a GroupWise item. Explore on your own. Try draggin’ and droppin’ everywhere. Remember, though, some cities have ordinances prescribing the cleanup of droppings.

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