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The New Improved 5.5 QuickViewer

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Posted: 10 Jun 1999

You can keep your faster server speed, your easier administration, and your shared address books. What we absolutely love about GroupWise 5.5 is the new improved QuickViewer. What’s so great about it? Access to embedded messages and attachments. Open the QuickViewer (click View, QuickViewer). Notice the QuickViewer’s own toolbar? It has a small menu. Each aspect of a message is available from this menu. Say you receive a message that’s been forwarded by 10 different people, and the original message contains a cool attachment. Just click the menu, then click the attachment at the bottom of the list of forwarded messages. Voila! The attachment appears in the QuickViewer. No more opening hundreds of windows to get to that special one. Now that’s worth upgrading for.

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