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Posted: 10 Jun 1999

Tired of changing the default directory to attach a file to a message? We hear you. We've all been there. You click the Attach button, then Select File. Now the great part. The Attach File dialog box opens, but the default directory is the GroupWise program directory. Could any file in this directory be of any possible interest to any living creature? No. Of course you can change the directory to a more suitable one, and it does stay the "default." Until you exit GroupWise. Then you're back to square one. There is a better way. You can change that default once and for all. Really. Right-click the GroupWise shortcut icon on your Windows desktop, click Properties, the Shortcut tab. See where it says Start In? That's where you change the default directory. Go ahead. Try it. Next time you start GroupWise and try to attach a file, it won't be like setting your VCR clock every time you turn it on. And we're sorry we didn't tell you this earlier.

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