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Calendar Views Made Easy

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Posted: 17 Jun 1999

People want to see their calendars in lots of different ways. Sometimes you need to see a week at a time, sometimes you need to see the whole year. You can make access to all the available calendar views easy simply by adding a button to your toolbar. Right-click the toolbar, click Properties, then click the Customize tab. Click Window in the Categories box. Click the Calendar button in the Controls box, then click Add Button. Click OK to get out. Notice the handy new Calendar button on your toolbar. Click the calendar on the button to open the default calendar view, or click the down arrow on the right side of the button to choose from a list of calendar views. Go ahead, give it a try. The graphic below illustrates the entire process. And if you’re really into calendars, you can even have them all open at once.

Calendar Views Made Easy

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