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Using Multiple Mailboxes

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Posted: 8 Jul 1999

Here's something we learned the hard way around here. Some users keep a dummy mailbox around for whatever reason. We keep one around for Cool Solutions, then we let writers, editors, developers, and the like proxy into the GWMAG user to work in the mailbox. Why? To retain personal anonymity, sanity, and cleanliness.

So what's the problem? Well, sometimes we want to log into the dummy mailbox directly, not as a proxy user. Why? 'Cuz you can't do Doc Management from a Proxy position, for one thing. And sometimes we just want to actually be in the mailbox. It just feels right.

So really, what's the problem? If you work on just one machine, like us, you probably have your own GroupWise mailbox open all the time. And you have to shut down your mailbox in order to fire up the dummy mailbox. But here's the tip part: If you're running Address Book and/or Notify and/or the Marquee or Desktop, you have to shut them down too. If you don't, when you shut down your mailbox and try to start the dummy box, you'll keep getting your own mailbox. Because as far as GroupWise is concerned, you never logged out. Okay?

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