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New Solution for Login Failure with NT 4 SP 4

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Posted: 3 Aug 1999

This tip comes to us courtesy of Clay Cooper, CNE.

Says Clay:

TID 2947360 discusses a problem with GroupWise logins when NT 4 SP 4 is applied. I've got a solution not listed in the TID, and thought you guys might want to hear it. [Editor's Note: We did, and do.]

The problem: NDS user logs into an NT machine running service pack 4 or higher, and cannot open GroupWise. Only the splash screen appears and then disappears. Notify does connect and will show mail. The GroupWise app does not appear in task manager as an open app or as a running process. Any other user can log into said user's machine and open GroupWise. Said user can log into any NT machine running service pack 3 or earlier or Win95 and open GroupWise.

That said, we'll establish the parameters:

Said user, that is, the user who can't log in, is User A.

The New user, that is, the user you're going to replace User A with, is User B.

The Solution:

  1. Delete User A's mailbox from Groupwise View.
  2. Rename User A.
  3. Create User B with same attributes and User A's original name.
  4. Delete User A (the NDS object only, since User A has probably reattached itself to the newly created User B mailbox). This will leave User B with the correct original name and attributes.
  5. Synchronize User B with his or her mailbox (I had to do this to get the correct info to appear in GroupWise).

And there you go.

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