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MAPI Registry Problems Begone! (mostly)

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By Massimo Rosen

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Posted: 14 Dec 1999

This tip comes to us courtesy of Massimo Rosen, GroupWise user extroidinaire.

"Last week I sent to you a suggestion to bring a tip for getting rid of those very common MAPI and Office problems when using "send to." This week I come up with the tip itself.

I had all sort of problems with "send to" and MAPI, especially out of Word and other applications, and discovered that I'm far from being alone.

The common error messages are either "Unknown MAPI Error," Outlook or Exchange open instead of Groupwise, new empty folders in the GW client, and so on.

I can't give the original error messages, because I'm German, but I'm pretty sure you will know what I mean.

Usually the workarounds you get with a problem like thes are things like "Deinstall Groupwise, deinstall Windows Messaging, and reinstall it." Unforunately that doesn't work most of the time, and is far from being a fast, elegant solution. So I did some research, and found a very simple solution.

At first there is one registry key getting "corrupted" nearly always when one starts any flavor of Outlook or Exchange. And if this key is wrong, you will end up with a corrupted frmcache.dat, as soon as you try to use MAPI.

O.K, so here is what solved 100% of all my problems:

  1. Check (and change) the suspect registry key:


    In most cases it shows either exchng32.exe or Outlook.exe. Change it to read the full path to your grpwise.exe, with parameters /mf /cm. So for me it reads: "c:\novell\groupwise\grpwise\grpwise.exe /mf /cm"

  2. Immediately delete (before starting GrouppWise or trying a send!) the file frmcache.dat in windir/forms.

Normally you're ready to go, because the frmcache.dat will be automatically rebuilt. But not always. In this case, either get a copy from a workstation you know is working fine, or go to Control Panel, Mail, and check if only the normal GroupWise services are listed, and simply delete one of them, and add it back. This should rebuild the frmcache.dat also.

Hint: Don't follow TID 2937062, saying you should execute mlset32.exe! This will immediately revert the above registry setting, and you'll have to start all over! All TIDs (there are several) saying you should execute mlset32.exe are wrong!

I now have a ZEN Application Object doing this for me every time a user logs in, and we've not had one single error in the last 2 weeks. (We usually had 5 to 10 per week in a network with 150 machines).

I hope this will be useful for somebody.

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