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By Andreas Bach

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Posted: 3 Feb 2000

We're always getting questions about how to enable status tracking, message retraction (unsend), and such across the Internet, and not just in the confines of a cozy little GroupWise system in your office. Well, Andreas Bach, of Novell Canada, recently answered the question for us.

As e-mail becomes more and more commonplace for communication, people are constantly looking for secure, reliable, monitored communication across the Internet. Well, GroupWise 5.5 goes a long way toward delivering the goods.

Normally, to interoperate with other companies, people uses the GroupWise Internet Agent to convert the encrypted, tracked, retractable GroupWise messages into plain text, SMTP/Mime-compliant Internet messages, and send them on their way. You could think of this like to sending a message in a bottle; you never know if it got there. Also, this could be prone to interception, attachment encoding issues, and offers no status information.

Well, with a few simple steps you can configure your GroupWise 5.5 system to treat any other company as an extension of your own system. How you ask? With GroupWise 5.5 Dynamic Internet Linking.

Simply put, Dynamic Internet linking is where a Message Transfer Agent (MTA), checks for a Domain Name System (DNS) Resource Record indicating that the receiver's mail system is also GroupWise 5.5, and if so, communicates across the Internet in native GroupWise format. Really. This means that you now get all the GroupWise communication features you know and love from within your company, when sending to any other company on the Internet that is similarly configured.

This includes: encrypted message flow, full status tracking (ie Deliverered, Opened, Deleted, Emptied), and the most amazing part: RETRACTION! (Something that all GroupWise users know and love.)

Because you are now sending messages back and forth from GroupWise to GroupWise and keeping everything in GroupWise format, it's as if your message was no longer a note in a bottle, but a wire-guided missile. You know where it was going, whether it got there, what happened when it arrived, and you can pull it back if nobody opens it. Nice, eh? As near as we can tell, no other messaging system in the world offers this capability and with such easy configuration.

So just how do you set this all up? You won't believe this (nobody does), but it's in the Doc. Almost everything is, if people would just look. You can find the steps in the Using Dynamic Internet Links Between 5.5 Systems and Enabling DNS Lookups sections of the GroupWise 5.5 Administration Guide.

In a few hours work, you won't just be floating your messages out into the ether, you'll be wiring them straight to the target!

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