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Turn Sent Items Folder into an Outbox

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Posted: 18 Jan 2001

Current version: GroupWise 5.5

You will notice the magnifying glass on the Sent Items Folder. This indicates that it is a "Search Results" folder and that every time it is opened, it will, by default, search the entire mailbox including shared folders for all items that are SENT. Deleting any item from this folder will delete the actual message from the folder in which it actually resides.

Lots of people like to think of the Sent Items folder as an Outbox. Which makes complete sense to us, but the truth is, in its natural (default) state, this folder looks for not only anything you sent from your Mailbox, but anything in any shared folders that are Sent. The big problem with this is that if you delete an item you see in this default Sent Items folder, it will delete the message from the folder in which it actually resides.

Since that can cause a lot of grief, we thought we'd tell you how to change the properties of your Sent Items folder to behave like an Outbox, and just show you all the mail you yourself have sent.

  1. Open the Sent Items Folder
  2. Click File, Properties
  3. Select the Find tab
  4. Under the "Look In" list, click the "+" next to your user name and make sure that "Mailbox" is the only item checked. [Update Note: Alert reader Ron Davies pointed out that we missed this step. Thanks, Ron!]
  5. Click Advanced Find
  6. Change the filter so that
    1. Item Source = Sent, and
    2. From [ ] (contains) <your user name>
  7. Select the Display tab, and deselect everything except Sent and Mail
  8. Click OK.

Reader Comments

Emmerson Greene

Surely, the best way is to delete your search sent items folder and create a new personal folder called sent items.

Now, move all sent items in your mailbox folder, to your new sent items folder.

Finally, set up a rule to automatically move all new sent items from your mailbox to your new sent items folder.

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