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Using the Same Email Over and Over

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Posted: 25 Jan 2001

Current version: GroupWise 5.5

I want to create a standard e-mail that I can save and reuse within GroupWise. I want to be able to send this standard e-mail to different people. I want the ability to send it independently.

I also need to create a second e-mail that will allow me to modify the body of text and send it to different people. I don't need to modify the entire text but some part of the text.

Is any of this possible with GroupWise 5.5?

Yes, there are a few different ways to accomplish this.

  • Create an e-mail, send it to yourself, and when you want to re-use it, select RESEND and change the addressee list.

  • Also you can send the message to yourself, and save as a view. Double clicking on it will bring it up again.

  • Save the message as a Draft, and send it whenever you want. To create a draft, do this:
    1. Click File, Save Draft.
    2. Click the folder you want to save the item in (we recommend the Work in Progress folder), then click OK.

    To open and send a draft,

    1. In the Folder List, click Work in Progress.
    2. Double-click the item.
    3. Finish your message, then click Send.

    You have all kinds of control over your drafts until you click Send. You can take them out and admire them (click View, Draft Items to see all the drafts in your folder), you can work on them little by little and return them to the Work in Progress folder each time, you can write four or five versions and see which one you like best, you can even scrap them and start fresh.

    Just remember, once you click Send you move out of the draft stage, and the message will appear with your other sent items rather than in the Work in Progress folder.

Anyone out there have a better idea? Let us know.


  • Jim Cox
  • Jim Cox

    The help section tells you a better way. Put the e-mail on your deskop and it never goes away after sending.

    Mike Wright

    Another idea: Add the "Insert" button to the toolbar of a mail message. This button allows me to pick a text file and insert it into the body of my message. So I've created a ton of text messages that I always send out - all I have to do is click on my insert button and - poof - my message is written and ready to go! GroupWise Rocks!!

    If you have any questions you may contact Mike at

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