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Posted: 8 Mar 2001

Current Version: GroupWise 5.5 EP

If you want to change the default HTML font size for outgoing e-mails:

  1. Right click on the Desktop > Properties > Appearance.
  2. Select "Message Box" in the Item drop down box > change the font.

If you want to change the default HTML font size for incoming e-mails (Using IE 5.5):

  1. Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility.
  2. Check Ignore font styles and Ignore font sizes.
  3. Adjust the font style by editing the selections under the Fonts tab under Internet Options.

You can also create a style sheet (cascading style sheet) and use it as the default for all of your web pages. This option is accessible through the Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility menu.

For more info about changing the default font size, see this article.

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