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Creating a Standard Message Template

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By Bruce Rosenberg

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Posted: 22 Apr 2004

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I've been searching for a way to create templates for standard messages. Here's how I found a way of doing it with a little help from Microsoft. The GroupWise 5.5 client does not allow you to copy a mail item that was saved as a draft. The standard Windows Messaging client does, however.

  1. Create a "Template" folder structure in your cabinet and save all standard messages there.
  2. Go into your mailbox using the Windows Messaging client via MAPI and right-click the appropriate message.
  3. Select copy and place it somewhere else (I stick them in Work in Progress).
  4. You can now go back to the GroupWise client and open, edit & send the message without affecting the template copy.

Other Suggestions - Updated 22 Apr 2004

Chris Matzer

I also had a need to create an email template. My solution was to create a new message and paste in the text from an existing document. Next go to FILE | SAVE VIEW . Save this file as a "something.vew" file in a folder of your choice. Go to TOOLS | OPTIONS | ENVIRONMENT | FILE LOCATIONS and make sure that folder of your choice is where the default VIEWS location is pointing to. Whenever I need this form email I go to FILE | OPEN VIEW and select the file I saved originally. I have several saved views now. I like this solution because it does not rely on the recipient having HTML view turned on (which was my original solution). And you can share those views with anyone who sets their default file location to this folder (assuming they can see it). Hope someone finds this useful.

Vincent van Leeuwen

I have a different solution, where you don't have to leave GroupWise.

It's pretty simple. What you do is you send the standard messages to yourself. Because you are the owner of those messages you can resend and edit these items.

  1. Create and send the standard messages to yourself.
  2. Create a "Template" folder structure in your cabinet and save all standard messages there.
  3. Right-click the appropriate message and choose "resend" (not "forward", because then the original message ends up as an attachment).
  4. Edit & send the message and choose not to retract the original item.

Derek Jones

  1. Create a Template folder for your templates.
  2. Create the template for the message, and send it to yourself. When you receive it in your Mailbox, move it to the Template folder.
  3. When you need to use the template, go to the Template folder, select the template you wish to use, and Resend it.
  4. Take your name out of the To box and replace it with the intended recipient(s), complete the message, and send it out. When the retract window comes up, just click No.

Timothy King

There is a really simple way to create and use GroupWise message templates:
  1. Create a new mail message with all the data required for the template.
  2. Save the message as a draft, and close the message window.
  3. Select the folder in which you saved the draft message.
  4. Left-click the draft item, and drag-and-drop it onto the desktop.

You can now send the message as many times as you want by doubleclicking this GroupWise message file. Note: The message file does not have to be stored on the desktop. It can be filed in a folder and opened from there.

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