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Cheaper Long Distance Remote Access

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Bill Scharlach

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Posted: 4 May 2001

Current Version: GroupWise 5.5 EP

I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but it's possible to run the GroupWise 32-bit client in remote mode over an IP connection through the Internet. Basically, I just added another LAN card to my main GroupWise server to connect it to the Internet segment on our network and set up a DNS entry for it. On the client side the only thing that's necessary is to define a IP connection in the Remote options with the DNS name and the IP port address the POA is configured for. It's currently possible for any one of our remote employees to connect to the Internet using a dial up ISP account and transfer their mail.

I initially tried this with GroupWise version 5.1, but there appeared to be communication problems in the client dealing with delays over the Internet. This has worked perfectly since upgrading our system to version 5.2 and saves my company a fortune in long distance phone calls for our remote offices around the country and around the world. Between using the GroupWise client remotely over modem dial up and Internet connections and WebAccess, we're able to easily and cost effectively access our mailboxes from anywhere in the world.

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