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Auto-delete Email from a Pest

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Posted: 1 Jun 2001

It seems a lot of you are bothered by pests that find your e-mail address and begin hounding you for things like a share of the lottery winnings. Also right around the end of every semester (like now) a lot of teachers write about getting e-mail from students that are bucking to get their grades inflated a bit. We've even gotten a few people looking to elude e-mail from their ex-spouses. (Imagine.)

Here is a sampling of typical requests:

Sarah wrote: How do I automatically delete unwanted messages using GroupWise, so that I don't even see them, and/or block an e-mail address?

Joshua wrote: Someone got ahold of my e-mail address and now I'm being spammed. I don't who or where. So is there a way to block certain incoming mail? Is that a feature of GroupWise, or would it work from our server? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Dennis wrote: I have been getting e-mail from this one site that I cannot open, and when I try to open it or delete it, it locks up my computer. I have tried to "unsubscribe" several time at their web site (as they indicted) with no sucess. What can I do?

Eleonore wrote: We have just started using GroupWise in our office. Overall people seem excited about it yet there are a few, loud objectors. One of the main questions about GW and one that, if answered, would help us to get a more positive spin on GW is; How can we block certain senders in GW? I would really like an answer to this question and so would the 30 other people in this office. Thanks so much.

For all of you, here's the answer.

You can't really block them from the GroupWise Client, but you can do something even more delightful: automatically delete e-mail received from a particular sender. There's something deeply satisfying about knowing that you are virtually ripping up the offending letter without having opened it. Just create a rule by clicking Tools, Rules, New.

Type a rule name, select Received, E-mail, click Define Conditions. Click From in the first box, type the e-mail address in the next box, then click OK.

Click Add Action, Empty Item (empty purges the item, instead of filling your Trash with this sender's garbage). Click Save, then Close. That should do it.

If this sender ever returns to your good graces, you can just click Tools, Rules, and disable the rule that deletes his or her e-mail. But don't delete the rule, since you never know when you'll need it again . . .

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