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Blanking out the Subject Line

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Posted: 7 Jun 2001

Version: GroupWise 6

When the Subject line is left blank, GroupWise fills in the line with text from the Message. Some of you have written wondering if there is a way to leave the subject line blank on a specific item. This is a concern for people who routinely deal with confidential information and feel that security will be compromised if people can see certain subject lines.

Here's how you do it:

  1. To conceal the subject of one item, open an item view > click File > Properties > the Security tab.
  2. or

  3. To conceal the subject of all items you send, click Tools > Options > double-click Send > click the Security tab.
  4. Click Conceal Subject.
  5. Click OK.

Note: When you conceal the subject of items you send, the subject does not appear in the Item List in the Mailbox. The subject is visible only when the recipient opens the item.

Other Suggestions

Tim Dunn NEW

There is another way to send an e-mail with a blank subject line. Just put a space on the first line of the body and press Enter and begin your e-mail on the second line and the line with the space will be the subject which is blank.

Editor's Note: Eric Bloom sent this same suggestion. It's good we have alert readers. This simple solution works like a charm.

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