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Addressing User Names with Middle Initials

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By Howard Tayler

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Posted: 22 Jun 2001

Versions: GroupWise 5.5, 5.5EP, 6

Many customers have written wondering how to set things up so middle initials are presented properly in their e-mail addresses. Here's a typical letter:

"When I send an outbound message, my e-mail address <> changes from a "dot" between my first name and middle initial to an "underscore". This results in duplicate reply messages from my external contacts. They don't know which is the "correct" format, so they add both dot and underscore versions to their address books. My business cards state <> and that format is the company standard, yet my outbound messages show something different."

There are two solutions here that will work with all current versions of GroupWise that support Internet Addressing (that's 5.5, 5.5ep, and 6).

  1. Change your user name so that the First Name field is "john.m" and the Last Name field is "doe". This will result in an outbound address of john.m.doe every time, provided the company retains the first.last@idomain addressing format. It will also mean that your name in the address book will show up as "John.m Doe" which you may not like.
  2. Create a gateway alias for this user for the GWIA, with the value of "". This will result in an outbound address of every time, regardless of the preferred addressing format chosen by the company. The address book will show the First and Last names as always.

I recommend Solution 2, but know many large customers who use Solution 1. Either one is acceptable and fully-supported.

Q&A About this Article NEW

Adrian B. wrote: We like Solution 2, where you create a Gateway Alias with the middle initial. But there you will see a wrong Internet E-mail Address for these users in the internal GW-Address Book (firstname.lastname w/o middle initial). Is it possible to populate the GW-Address Book with the Gateway Alias instead of the automatically generated Internet Addresses?

Howard says: This is a good suggestion--populating the address book with gateway aliases instead of the automatically generated internet addresses. There isn't a way to do this today, but we're looking into enhancing the address book and some of the internet addressing algorithms in the next release, and will consider this input carefully.

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