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Slow Migration from GroupWise 4.1 to GroupWise 6

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By Leo Dil

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Posted: 29 Jun 2001

Version: GroupWise 6

We connected our new GroupWise 6 setup to an GroupWise 4.1c environment. There is no documentation about how to do this specifically, but just follow the instructions from the GroupWise 5.5 manual and you will get it to work just the way you like it. (You may have to use NwAdmin32 with the GroupWise 5.5 snap-in for some tasks, because ConsoleOne will not always work.)

You MUST create the External Domains and Postoffices for GroupWise 4.1 in AD.EXE. You can import and export your users from both platforms and send e-mails to both systems. There is no auto import and export possible.

After the installation you'll be able to do a busy search to schedule a meeting between GroupWise 6 and GroupWise 4.1 users. It's also possible to give your users both accounts so they can work in GroupWise 6 and GroupWise 4.1 at the same time. We're planning to migrate over 1000 users to GroupWise 6, and with this option we can migrate those users in an easy way instead of upgrading them all at the same time. Now we can start with a fresh installation of GroupWise and do not have to migrate Postoffices and do an upgrade on more than 350 computers at one time.

Other Suggestions

Charles Huber NEW

Peaceful co-existence is nice, but if you're doing your migration by moving users from one post office to another, Frequent Contacts is NOT your friend.

It very efficiently rememembers the OLD post office addresses of users, and will hand them out as much as the new, correct ones, resulting in D101's, or (if the old 4.x p.o. is removed) a never-delivered message!

Savvy users have no problem with this - just remind them to clean out FCL sometimes. And that they'll need to do it often, since "replying to all" on mail from others who haven't cleaned up, puts the old wrong addresses BACK in FCL.

Less-than-savvy users don't get it - nor do they understand changing the address book search order, disabling FCL, or much else that might help avoid this problem. Have them go to the address book, and use the system (Novell GroupWise Address Book) to get the most current account.

And it's best to run a Contents GWCheck often, which should clean up most of the changed addresses as people move. (We had marginal luck with this during our migration, but it helps some.) And best not to create two accounts for a user - argh! what a nightmare!

Good luck with your migration!

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