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Which IP Address to use in a Cluster

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Posted: 31 Jul 2001

Version: GroupWise 6

Wondering which IP address you should provide when installing a GW6 WebAccess Gateway into a cluster? Here's a tip that could be helpful.

When you install the Servlet to each cluster node, you need to tell the Servlet the Web Server's IP address. So, if you've clustered the Web Server as an Active/Active Web Server, you provide the IP address of the Web Server resource.

When you install the WebAccess Agent (GWINTER), you need to tell it the IP Address and Port to use for the gateway. Assuming you are installing this to a cluster-enabled volume (it is installed with a domain as one resource), then you would use the secondary IP Address that you used for the cluster-enabled volume, assuming they are running as one resource.

Some people install both the Web Server (Active/Passive) and the WebAccess Agent in the same cluster resource. In this case, you would use the same address for both the GWINTER and the Servlet.

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