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Migrating to GroupWise 6

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By Patrick Peeters

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Posted: 14 Sep 2001

Version: GroupWise 6

I'm a system engineer working for a Novell-minded company who does migration rollout. A customer has purchased GroupWise 6. The trouble is the existing 5.5 mail system had to be up and functional until the 6 system was up and running. And then we had the need to move every GroupWise User individually to the new system.

Here's what we have done to accomplish this.

  1. We started by installing a new GroupWise system, creating a new system and a new domain and leaving the old ones intact.
  2. Then we created an external domain connection with a link between both systems and domains.
  3. When this was functioning we synchronised the domains.
  4. When the sync finished we merged the 5.5 domain into the new system (because the users couldn't be moved from an external domain to the new domain.)
  5. When the merge completed we could quite easily move users from one domain to the other.
  6. Finally we removed all entries in the old domain, split the systems, and deleted the old 5.5 system.

And the new system was up and running.

Quite easy, but if you don't know exactly how to do it it is quite difficult, because there are no good examples or solutions available (at least I couldn't find a solution or example to do this).

Patrick Peeters

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