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Find Out Who has an Internet Addressing Override

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By Eric Raff

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Posted: 14 Sep 2001

Current Version: GroupWise 5.5 EP, GroupWise 6

How to identify what Domains, Post Offices or Users have an Internet Addressing Override set on them in a GW system. (This keeps you from having to check every domain, postoffice and user in the system manually.)

Here is what you can do to identify this instead of going to the details of each domain, PO or user object and manually checking the Internet addressing Tab and looking for an override.

  1. Enable GW Diagnostics in NWadmin. (See TID 10007897)
  2. Select Tools | GroupWise Diagnostics | Program Trace.
  3. From here simply click Trace On, then Trace Off, then OK.
  4. Select Tools | GroupWise Diagnostics | General Edit.
  5. In the drop down list above, scroll up and select "All records by DNS Domain".

You will see any Idomains that are defined in the system. If the Domain, Post Office and Object ID columns are blank, then NO overrides have been set. Otherwise it will list the name of the Domain, Post Office or User ID and what IDomain has been selected as their override.

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