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Integrate GroupWise with SAP Workflow

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Posted: 24 Oct 2001

Heads Up: TopCall ( has built a connector that integrates GroupWise with SAP workflow (and a bunch of other stuff). Check out TopCall for GroupWise.

TOPCALL International AG recently announced delivery of the entire bandwidth of Unified Communication solutions for Novell GroupWise. With this range, TOPCALL offers users of GroupWise clients and Novell Directory Services (NDS) an industry leading business-to-business communications platform. The solution is based on the Communication Server ONE, which provides the necessary interfaces to communication services like CTI, Internet mail, voice mail, WAP, SMS, fax as well as to business applications like IVR and e-commerce -- across different systems and all divisions within the enterprise.

The Communication Server ONE provides GroupWise users with a direct communication interface to suppliers, customers and business partners. This ensures that even the most diverse communication services are fully integrated in the specific business workflow processes of each enterprise. As a result, companies are able to reduce the cost of communications across the enterprise and improve the speed of their information flow.

Seamless client integration

The TOPCALL solution is one of the leading client integration offerings for GroupWise available on the market. Virtually all forms of communication -- voice mail, Internet mail, SMS, fax, etc. -- are integrated transparently in GroupWise and Novell Directory Services. As a result of the direct interface to the GroupWise server, the Communication Server ONE presents a superior solution over standard SMTP connections, both in terms of availability and the breadth of functionality offered. The fault-tolerant solutions from TOPCALL offer a 99.99 percent rate of availability for mission critical communication processes like fax, voice and Internet mail transactions. In addition, TOPCALL also provides comprehensive protection for corporate information on the basis of seamless archiving and data security solutions.

The TOPCALL Communication Server ONE is the leading Unified Communication Platform. The ONE Architecture is modularly built to offer the highest level of quality and system integrity, backed by an uncompromising service and support network. Core Solutions are available in Unified Messaging, Network and Enterprise Faxing, Mobile Messaging and CTI / IVR applications. The TOPCALL Solution provides customers with the best choice in tailored, mission-critical Unified Communications, deployed in 40 countries around the world.

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