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Use the Quick Viewer to Avoid Viruses

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By Bob McKindles

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Posted: 6 Nov 2001

Versions: GroupWise 5.5, GroupWise 6

Here's a simple way to avoid opening virus-laden e-mails. Use the Quick Viewer at all times.

I have been testing this for six months. When users have the Quick Viewer in GW 5.5 open, they can see the content of the letter (virus or not). If it is a virus, they can delete the e-mail without actually launching it to "see" the content.

I have yet to reimage a pc due to a virus since I have been testing this.

You should teach all your users how to use the Quick Viewer, and tell them never to turn it off. Here's what you tell them:

  1. Click on the toolbar.
  2. Size the QuickViewer by dragging a corner of the window or by dragging the horizontal dividing line up or down.
  3. If you size and close the QuickViewer, it will be the same size when you open it again. Size it by dragging a corner of the window, not by clicking the maximize button.
  4. In the Mailbox, click each item that you want to read.
  5. To view an attachment, click the drop-down list on the QuickViewer toolbar > click the attachment. You cannot open OLE attachments in the QuickViewer.
  6. Right-click the QuickViewer window to choose other options.

BTW: You may need to educate your users via a little instructional e-mail on how to identify e-mail viruses so they'll know which ones to delete. Here's one site that rounds up the mail offenders for you.

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