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Posted: 13 Dec 1999

Guinevere, oh, Guinevere!

Hey! What are we doing in Camelot? Here's the tale: An enterprising Novell Support Connection volunteer sysop and GroupWise enthusiast decided to produce a GroupWise add-on that would do some of his favorite things. He planned to name his helpful product GWinavir, which stood for GroupWise Internet AntiVirus and was pronounced the same as Guinevere. Very clever. However, the Novell powers that be proved extremely possessive about the use of GW and nixed the acronym. The result: Forget the acronym and use the "real" spelling. Only you faithful GroupWise Cool Solutions readers will know what the name really means. The rest of the world may end up thinking it's a feminist version of Camelot, with the lady coming to the rescue, but that's OK, too.

Guinevere's primary purpose in life is to provide anti-virus protection for your GroupWise system. You can configure Guinevere to scan all incoming and outgoing Internet mail. You have a variety of choices for dealing with infected mail, including:

  • Delete the whole infected message
  • Remove an infected file attachment
  • Notify specified users and/or the sender about the problem

Camelot or not, Guinevere is genuinely heroic. Not only does she protect your e-mail from wicked viruses, she contributes new functionality to GroupWise that customers have been asking for, including:

  • Return receipt notification for outgoing Internet mail
  • Strict size limitations on incoming Internet mail
  • Long-term storage of incoming and outgoing Internet mail for compliance with company policies and legal requirements
  • Powerful mail filters to selectively control incoming and outgoing Internet mail
  • Universal signature file for standard corporate disclaimers
We hope you're pleased with Guinevere.

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