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SP1 for GroupWise 6.0 - how to apply it quickly

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Posted: 20 Dec 2001

Versions: GroupWise 6

See TID 2960621 to download SP1 (GW6SP1.EXE) for GroupWise 6.0. The download size is about 300 MB.

A plus to how Support Pack 1 is designed is that once GW6SP1.EXE is unzipped you're only about a minute away from having a newly created GroupWise 6 SP1 complete Software Distribution Directory (SDD).

  1. Download GW6SP1.EXE to a temporary directory on the local hard drive of your PC, such as C:\GWTEMP.
  2. Create a directory on the hard drive of your PC where you can extract the Support Pack to, for example C:\GW601SDD. You should allow about 700 MB.
  3. This is a WINZIP file, not the usual DOS based type file that Novell used in the past for Support Packs. From C:\GWTEMP double click to execute GW6SP1.EXE. This should bring up a screen that prompts where to unzip the software to, specify C:\GW601SDD then click on Unzip.
  4. After it finishes unzipping, your C:\GW601SDD directory will contain what looks like a GroupWise SDD, but it's not quite complete.
  5. Go to the C:\GW601SDD\ADMIN directory and run the INSTALL.EXE. Proceed past the License screen which brings up a new dialog that says:

Before You Continue

This GroupWise Support Pack requires access to files on a GroupWise 6 CD or in a GroupWise 6 Software Distribution Directory. Please specify the path to a valid location.

So point to your GroupWise 6.0 CD or Software Distribution Directory, click Next, and after a pause of a few seconds the next screen will appear to guide you through installing the SP1 update to your GroupWise system (administration files, agents, etc.). At this point your C:\GW601SDD directory is a complete, fully functional GroupWise 6.0.1 (SP1 patched) SDD. You can proceed with the wizard to update your system, or cancel out and run this later when you're ready to do so.

To update later, run SETUP.EXE from the root of the GroupWise SDD. Individual GroupWise components can be installed by running the INSTALL.EXE from the appropriate SDD subdirectory. For example to install or update only the agents run INSTALL.EXE from the AGENTS subdirectory, and to install or update only ConsoleOne run INSTALL.EXE from the ADMIN subdirectory.


  • Remember to rename your GroupWise SDD in its location on the server, then copy the new SP1 patched SDD from your C: drive (C:\GW601SDD in this example) to where it belongs on the server(s).
  • The new dialog box for SP1 mentioned in step 5 above that says: "Before You Continue..." only comes up once after the patch has been unzipped and the first time the Install is run. After you've successfully proceeded past this screen, future executions of this Install recognizes that this is a complete GroupWise 6.0.1 SDD and skips this dialog box.

For details or updates on this tip, see TID-10065939.

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