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NIMS 2.5 to 2.6 Update for NetWare

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Posted: 17 Jan 2002

Versions: NIMS 2.5

This file updates Novell Internet Messaging System for NetWare from version 2.5x to 2.6.

The NIMS 2.6 upgrade will not upgrade any evaluation versions or versions before NIMS 2.5. You must have version 2.5 or 2.5a installed in order upgrade to NIMS 2.6.

Associated File

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Installation Instructions

Do not run NIMSLOAD.NLM on NIMS 2.6 or higher -- it will interfere with the now built-in load balancing functionality.

NIMS 2.6 is a full upgrade to 2.5, requiring installation through Install (NetWare 4.x), or NWConfig (NetWare 5.x and 6.x).

New Features and bug fixes

Please read the entire list of fixes/enhancements. They are not listed in order of priority but rather in the general order in which they were fixed. Therefore, some important fix you are looking for may be at the bottom of the list.

  1. All Agents
      a) Improved handling for network latency.

      b) Added support for our new SSL library, OpenSSL. Uses the same certificate format as OpenLDAP and Apache/SSL, allowing use of a single certificate on the UNIX platforms. Performance of SSL is now 10 times as fast compared to our previous SSL implementation.

  2. IMAP Agent
      a) Improved handling of broken dates and dates that violate the RFC. (Fixed in 2.5a)

      b) Fixed bug that could cause abend when parsing certain command lines. (Fixed in 2.5a)

      c) Fixed parsing of certain names (comma in quotes problem).

      d) Added support for STARTTLS command.

      e) Added Timeout to connection code so that a connection properly times out if unused for 45 minutes.

  3. List Agent
      a) Fixed double socket close situation in digest creation. (No problem was reported.)

      b) Fixed insertion of signature in text/plain only messages. Would insert signature too early in certain messages and truncate the message. (Fixed in 2.5a)

      c) Now provides the option of adding a "Reply-To" header to allow replies to the list instead of the sender without selecting "Reply All." The use of this feature, however, is strongly discouraged since it will allow for the creation of mail loops.

      d) Fixed situation where a digest would not be sent (only would happen on UNIX or on distributed NetWare).

  4. Forward Agent
      a) Fixed a problem where mail would not be forwarded to certain addresses if previous recipient of the same message was not found in the local tree.

  5. MSGSRV.NLM - NIMS Loader
      a) Added feature to detect if NIMS was properly shutdown. If not, MSGSRV.NLM now sends a "recover" command-line argument to all agents it starts.

      b) Added "MAIL LOAD" command to control load balancing.

      c) Added API to get OpenSSL private key and certificate file path.

      d) Typing "mail queue" at the command prompt (on NW) now directs the current queue into a file in the dbf directory. Typing "mail queue edit" automatically launches the editor in NetWare and opens the mail queue file.

  6. NMAP Agent
      a) Fixed abend/reboot situation if the server was under high load (more than 250 current delivery threads) and a recipient was not found.

      b) Improved and added additional housekeeping on startup. NMAP now handles the new "recover" flag, which makes NMAP ensure that every entry in the queue has a valid syntax. Also, NMAP now cleans the queue, removing old lockfiles, old workfiles and other temporary files. NMAP displays a screen showing the cleanup progress on startup if it enters recover mode.

      c) Improved timing when locking mailboxes, now preventing thread "pileups" when a mailbox is locked for a long time.

      d) Now detects attachment filenames longer than 64 characters, and truncates them at 256 characters. This length is not mandated by the standards but we chose to impose a limit in order to prevent malicious users from using up resources. The problem could be seen in IMAP and WebMail, where the size of the attachment would be displayed as much larger than it actually was.

      e) Fixed "overflow" when detecting free disk space. (Fixed in 2.5a)

      f) Decreased stack requirements. Each delivery thread now uses 32kb less memory.

      g) Changed startup-timing. NMAP now does not process the queue and accept client connections until one minute after the queue has been scanned.

      h) Fixed memory leak for NMAP-to-NMAP transfers, which could eventually cause a reboot of the server.

      i) Fixed another "Out of disk space" problem (even though this would show up in SMTP, the cause was a command in NMAP). Now reports 2GB free whenever there is more than 2GB free.

      j) Added "burst" queue delivery capability, preventing system overload if there is a huge queue.

      k) Added support for "MAIL LOAD" command (see MSGSRV).

      l) Fixed situation where "entries in the queue" counter was not decremented.

      m) Fixed situation where an entry from the "yet to be delivered" database was not removed. (This was cosmetic problem only.)

      n) Fixed situation where SCMS counter would not updated properly if a message was transferred via NMAP-to-NMAP.

  7. WebAdmin
      a) Fixed setting of "RTS Handling." Would turn off bounces to the sender of a bounced message.

      b) Added support for multiple RBL lists in SMTP.

  8. SMTP Agent
      a) Improved delivery logging and moved from DEBUG to INFO level.

      b) Fixed error message on refused connection from temporary status (4xx) to permanent status (5xx).

      c) Added support for multiple RBL lists.

      d) Added support for STARTTLS command.

      e) Added detection of TLS capability of remote system when sending. Now automatically uses SSL/TLS for sending if the remote system supports it.

      f) Now can accept lines longer than 1000 characters, even though the RFC specifies the length to be 1000 characters. We insert the missing CR/LF ourselves into the stream. This solution does not affect memory requirements or performance.

      g) Recipient limit now applies only to remote recipients.

      h) Added ability to disable the SMTP receiver via the command line.

  9. WebMail Agent
      a) Added support for WAP devices. Now it is possible to read and send and do other WebMail functionality via a WAP-enabled phone. Outputs WML 1.1.

      b) Added support for WAP enabled plugins. (This requires a recompile of any existing snap-ins, but no code changes).

      c) Fixed frame-based advertising. Would create multiple frames in certain conditions. (Fixed in 2.5a)

      d) Improved handling of encoded header lines. Now handles combination of encoded and unencoded data for a single header entry.

      e) Now handles certain multi-line headers better.

      f) If a message does not contain a specified encoding, WebMail will now use the user-configured default encoding, even for header fields (e.g., Subject:, From:)

      g) Fixed a possible abend. Under certain conditions. If a user had two windows for the same session (or was clicking more than once) and NMAP was not responding then WebMail could abend.

      h) Change of behavior: If users do not have the option of changing their colors anymore, but had in the past and changed them, WebMail would continue to use those colors. It now no longer does. Instead, it uses the system defined colors.

      i) No longer allows the use of semi-colon (;) and comma (,) as separator of name and e-mail address.

      j) Attachment names are now decoded using the default charset.

      k) Now support the host:port syntax. Before we would not look for the port.

      l) Tightened some string checks to prevent accidental memory overwrites.

  10. IMSAudit Utility
      a) Fixed a problem where users who didn't have 8.3 naming conventions would not be detected.

      b) Added "-a:x" switch to allow detection of accounts that have not been accessed for at least x days.

  11. IMS Loader Utility
      a) Now also automatically unloads WebAdmin and MailCon, if loaded.

  12. POP Agent
      a) Added support for STLS command (STARTTLS).

  13. Proxy Agent
      a) Now allows Yahoo addresses to be proxied since Yahoo now offers POP access.

Documentation/Help changes

In the attempt to listen to users and provide features and enhancements suggested by them, NIMS 2.6 does not only contain performance enhancements and bug fixes but also new features. While it is relatively easy to code such features, the timeframe required to update documentation and help files is much longer. We therefore ask for your patience as we make these updates to the documentation.


While countless people worked to improve NIMS, a few people stand out in their efforts. The NIMS development team would like to thank everyone for helping and would particularly like to thank the following individuals:

Peter Andersen, Mirea, Sweden
Ricardo J. Rodriguez Fernandez
Chuck Liu, Novell IPD
Tim Pearson, Midwestern Telephone
Andy Skrzypczak, NetSource One
David Smith, Novell NDS CPR team

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