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Recover Deleted GroupWise User Accounts

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Posted: 17 Jan 2002

Versions: GroupWise 5.x, GroupWise 6

Here is some good news for anyone who has accidentally deleted a user's GroupWise account. Follow the steps listed below to restore the deleted user's data.

For details or updates on this tip, see TID-10010473.

  1. Restore the ENTIRE post office from backup in order to get the NGWGUARD.DB and the WPHOST.DB files from before the deletion. The WPDOMAIN.DB file also needs to be restored. Note: Restoring the entire post office will affect all users in that post office. All mail and admin changes after the backup will be lost.
  2. If the user database still appears in the \OFUSER directory you can:
      A. Restore the WPDOMAIN.DB file from backup from a date before the user was deleted.
      B. Rebuild the WPHOST.DB file. In NWAdmin highlight post office in GroupWise View then select : tools | GroupWise Utilities | System Maintenance | Rebuild Database | Run.
      C. Launch the client against the deleted users' mailbox.

    Note: All administrative changes that have been made since the WPDOMAIN.DB backup date will be lost.

  3. Restore the deleted user's entire post office directory to a temporary location and log into the PO via a UNC path. You will be able to do this without any agents loaded only if the PO was set to Direct Access mode or Direct Access and Client/Server modes. If the user had a password you will need it as well.

If the PO was set to Client/Server only:

  1. Restore the WPDOMAIN.DB
  2. Connect to the restore domain structure.
  3. Change the domain/post office UNC paths
  4. Change the Post Office access mode to direct only and change the default security level to low.
  5. Rebuild the PO to the temporary location.
  6. Archive mail and calendar items and export their address books, if desired.
  7. The account can then be recreated on the live system The Archive FID Editor (GWAFE510.EXE on the website) can be used to modify the archive's FID so the new account will be able to access the archive.

This can be a difficult thing if drive space is limited. To be prepared for this type of thing, however, it is advisable to obtain a sufficient sized IDE drive (very inexpensive these days) and stick it on a PC somewhere. Whenever the post office needs to be restored, restore it to this drive. Practice going through the account recreate procedure and get familiar with the archive FID editor utility. After a few practice runs, you will become an expert and these 'emergencies' won't seem so bad.

GroupWise 5.5 systems can take advantage of a new utility called GWRESTORE.EXE from The readme.txt contains instructions on how to use the utility. To use this utility you need a backup of the post office.

For details or updates on this tip, see TID-10010473.

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