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Addressing Rule Tip

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By Darren Locke

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Posted: 30 Jan 2002

Version: GroupWise 6

We use GroupWise 5.5.4 and some of our users wanted to cut and paste e-mail addresses from multiple internet sites, from their browser into a personal GroupWise address book. As you know, a simple Cut and Paste will add the "mailto:" tag at the beginning of the address, and GroupWise really has an issue with the extra ":" in TO field.

So...I created an extra System Addressing Rule, which searched for "mailto:*" and replaced it with "inet:%1". The key to getting this to work was putting it at the top of the list of addressing rules - and it seems to work fine.

It's a bit easier, for our users who want to do this, than installing the IE 3CPO...

I hope it helps someone else.

If you have any questions you may contact Darren at

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