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GWIA 6 SP1 installer for Win 95/98 workstations

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Posted: 7 Feb 2002

Current version: GroupWise 6

The GWIA installer included in GroupWise 6 SP1 fails with an invalid page fault when run from a Windows 95 or 98 workstation (see TID 10066160). This causes problems for sites that want to install GW6 SP1 GWIA but have only Windows 9x workstations, such as some users of Novell Small Business Suite 6 (which includes GroupWise 6).

This installer is provided so that those users can install GWIA 6 SP1 from a Windows 95/98 workstation.

Associated File:

Click filename to download: gwia6sp1.exe; 14809111 bytes; Date/Time: 02-05-2002/12:22AM

Installation Instructions:

This is a full installation of GroupWise 6 SP1 GWIA.

  1. Extract this file to a local drive (such as C:\)
  2. Run INSTALL.EXE from the Internet\GWIA directory (GWIA installation instructions available at
For all the details or updates on this file, see TID-2961461.

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