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NIMS 3.x Postmaster Fix Utility

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Posted: 13 Mar 2002

Version: NIMS 3.x

For more information see TID#2961748.

NIMS fix for a deleted postmaster version 1.00 for NetWare.

If the NDS account of the user assigned as the PostMaster of the Messaging Server object is deleted, then the object becomes unknown in NDS. You are then no longer able to open the details screen of the object. This happens because the PostMaster is a mandatory attribute of the Messaging Server, and is comparable to deleting a server object and the volumes becoming unknown objects.

This utility reassigns the NOVONYX:Postmaster attribute on a Messaging Server object that has been invalidated due to deletion of the postmaster object. DO NOT use this utility on a messaging server that is functioning correctly or on any version of NIMS earlier than 3.0. Instead, use NWAdmin, WEBAdmin, or ConsoleOne to perform administrative functions on a healthy NIMS system.

Associated File

Click filename to download: imspmfix.exe; 93664 bytes;

Installation Instructions:

Extract IMSPMFIX.EXE to a local directory and then copy IMSPMFIX.NLM to a directory on your NIMS server (typically SYS:\SYSTEM).

Instructions for running the Postmaster Fix utility:

IMSPMFIX uses the DDB and MSGSRV libraries that are shipped with NIMS. To correctly run, these libraries must be loaded. To load these libraries, load MSGSRV on the server console.

At the NetWare server console, load IMSPMFIX using the following syntax to specify the new Postmaster object (NOTE: Tree is CaSe SeNsItIvE):

IMSPMFIX \Tree\Context\Objectname
(for example: IMSPMFIX \NOVELL_TREE\Provo\nimsadmin )

This utility has only one option. The following is displayed if no option is entered on the command line.

<postmaster-dn> - The Distinguished Name (DN) of the new postmaster.
E.g., \Tree\Context\Objectname

IMSPMFIX reassigns the attribute to the specified postmaster object as well as several other functions to tell NDS to re-validate the messaging server object.

For more information see TID#2961748.

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