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Posted: 20 Mar 2002

Versions: GroupWise 6

Some GroupWise 6 sites want to run their WebAccess system on Windows NT, but would like to use the Apache web server & Tomcat servlet engine instead of Microsoft IIS & Novell Servlet Gateway (the default configuration on NT). The GW6 WebAccess installer does not include an Apache/Tomcat installation option, so WebAccess must be manually configured to support that environment. TID-10065688 gives several pages of step-by-step instructions on how to configure WebAccess for Apache/Tomcat on NT.

This "installer" is intended to automate much of that installation/configuration process by copying pre-configured Tomcat and WebAccess files to an NT/2000 server, and includes the following:

  • Apache 1.3.23 for Windows (which you must install manually)
  • A pre-configured version of Tomcat 3.3a and some pre-configured WebAccess files
  • A batch file to install (copy) the pre-configured files to specific locations on a NT/2000 server.
  • A readme.txt with installation instructions

Associated File:

Click filename to download: gw6tomcat_nt.exe; 26705047 bytes.

Installation Instructions:

This installer can be used whether you are running the WebAccess agent (GWINTER) on a NetWare server or on the same NT server as Apache/Tomcat. To setup the WebAccess servlets to run on Apache/Tomcat on Windows NT/2000, extract GW6TOMCAT_NT.EXE to the root of the C:\ drive on your Windows NT or 2000 server and follow these instructions: NOTE: It is crucial that you install Apache and Java exactly as described below or the enclosed batch file will not be able to copy the necessary files and your WebAccess installation will not work. (Note: you can modify the included batch file to match your existing directory structure, but it will probably be much simpler to just install Apache and Java as per the instructions below):
  1. Download and install the latest version of the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystems at
    1. At the "Choose Destination Folder" screen during the installation, click the "Browse" button and change the destination folder to c:\java2re

  2. Run the enclosed Apache installer (c:\gw6tmcat\apache\apache_1.3.23-win32-x86-no_src.exe) to install the Apache web server.
    1. When you get to the "Destination Folder" screen, click the "Change" button and specify the installation folder as the root of C:\ (which will install the files to )
    2. After installing Apache, go to the Windows "Services" control panel and stop the Apache service.

  3. Run the enclosed batch file (c:\gw6tmcat\gw6tmcat.bat) to install pre-configured copies of Tomcat and WebAccess files. Specifically, the batch file does the following:
    1. Copies pre-configured WebAccess files to c:\Novell\Webaccess
    2. Installs a pre-configured version of Tomcat and the GW6 Webaccess servlets to c:\tomcat
    3. Copies WebAccess files (HTML templates, GIF files, etc) to the c:\Apache\htdocs directory
    4. Copies the Tomcat web server module (mod_jk.dll) to the c:\Apache\modules directory
    5. Makes a backup copy (httpd.conf.bak) of your existing HTTPD.CONF file in C:\apache\conf
    6. Creates a new HTTPD.CONF that has all of the configuration information from your old file plus text commands to tell Apache to load the Tomcat module (mod_jk.dll)

  4. Create or copy COMMGR.CFG file to c:\Novell\WebAccess
    1. If you do not have a WebAccess system installed (on this or another server), you will need to run a basic installation of WebAccess to create a correctly configured COMMGR.CFG file in c:\Novell\Webaccess and create a WebAccess object in NDS.
    2. If you have an existing WebAccess system, you can simply use your existing COMMGR.CFG file and NDS configuration, provided that the IP address where the Webaccess agent (GWINTER.NLM or GWINTER.EXE) is running has not changed. If the COMMGR.CFG file is on another server (there is always a copy under \wpgate\webacc\), you will need to copy it to c:\Novell\Webaccess on your Windows NT/2000 server.

  5. Go to the Windows "Services" control panel and start the Apache service.

  6. Run the Tomcat startup batch file (STARTUP.BAT) at c:\tomcat\bin\
    1. NOTE: Tomcat requires that JAVA_HOME and TOMCAT_HOME environment variables be set for Tomcat to load. The STARTUP.BAT and SHUTDOWN.BAT files included in this installer already include those SET commands, so you should not need to manually set those environment variables unless you rename or move the Tomcat directory or have installed Java to a directory other than specified in this document.

  7. You should now be able to access your WebAccess system.

For details or updates on this tip, see TID-2961784.

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