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Delete Errant Messages with a Rule

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By Gordon Bird

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Posted: 20 Mar 2002

We've all had to deal with someone's errant rule-based mail that just keeps coming (until, of course, they return from vacation). Here's a rule that Gordon Bird worked up to clear his inbox and trash can of these pesky looping messages.

The problem:
If you're having problems emptying out all those messages following a looping mail here's a solution I use.

The solution:
Rather than going to the trouble of trying to get gwcheck (with its various switches) to clear the errant messages out, you can create a rule that fires when you open the inbox folder, and removes messages based on a criteria. If you also add the rule to empty the item as well, it will totally remove the messages from the mailbox and the trash folder.

The steps:
  • From the client, Tools | Rules | New
  • Name = Silly user created a looping message
  • Where event is Open Folder, Mailbox
  • Item Type is Mail
  • Define Conditions
  • Subject Contains Looping message subject
  • Add Action Delete/Decline
  • Add Action Empty Item
  • Save
  • Make sure there is a tick next to the rule
  • Close
  • All those looping messages will be emptied from the folder next time you open the inbox.

    Reader Comments

    • This would work well enough if the rule hasn't created vast amounts of items (in which case, you could probably manually tidy up). However, if you're dealing with a rule that's created thousands of items, emptying these from Trash all at once is very likely to trash your poa. I'd much rather use an GW Check itempurg to fix this problem.

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