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By Grant Crawford

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Posted: 17 Apr 2002

Grant Crawford offers three tips he's picked up working with GroupWise at the Queensland, Australia Dept of Corrective Services.

GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack; 1 primary domain with 4 secondary domains; 46 Post offices.
MTASieve running at each of the domains.
NetWare 4.2 SP9; 43 servers.
Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition.

Tip 1:
With MTASieve, the MTA must be restarted every time there is a new exemption added to the MTASieve configuration file. This can cause problems on the higher traffic MTAs if it is restarted during the day.

We have implemented a policy that requires exemptions to be implemented after 7:00pm. At 6:30pm Monday through Friday, we have scheduled the MTAs to be stopped and reloaded (found that MTASieve does not always restart without problems) using Cron and Stuffkey. This saves having a staff member staying late or arriving early.

Tip 2:
The maintenance required on distribution lists can be very high if each user must be included in the organization unit/s, location and organisation lists. If you add the organisation unit/s and location lists to the organization list, the user by default receives the organization mail. For example, a user is located on level 19 of the main building (MB) and they work in OU1. The organization list (GOV1) has as its members either the location lists (MB, SB and so on) or the orgainisation units (OU1, OU2 and so on), but the user is a member of only two lists MB and OU1.

This can be taken further where the OUs are located at one location. The user could be a member of the OU with the OU being a member of the location and the location being a member of the organisation list.

Tip 3:
How often do you have a user sending an e-mail to all of the users in the organisation during working hours, trying to sell a washing machine for example? This type of mail is not only annoying but adds extra load during the peak periods.

If you create a distribution list which is visible to everyone but which has only two members. Users send all of their orgainsation mail to this distribution list. This mail is then captured by these two members, who both have proxy access to the system administration account. One of these two people can then determine the appropriateness of the mail based on departmental policies and, if required, can then send out an all the department mail via a distribution list, which is not visible, at an appropriate time.

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