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GroupWise Address Book Duplicate Entries

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By Duane Fish

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Posted: 8 May 2002

This document shows you how to use your Address Book to manually change entries so that if you have two items of the same name but different e-mail addresses, you do not get prompted to choose between the two. To keep this working, you may find that the way you address e-mails may have to change. For example, instead of typing the name of the person you wish to e-mail by FirstName LastName, you may have to change to LastName, FirstName. I will walk through this later.

With this document, I will demonstrate why this happens and what you can do to change your address book entries so that this ?duplicate entry? issue will go away. In the example given, I have purposefully changed my address book entry to duplicate this issue.


I want to send an e-mail to ?Duane Fish?, so I fill out my To: field as shown in Figure 1 below by entering Fish and the auto-complete finds the first entry for Fish, which happens to be ?Fish, Duane?. As soon as I hit the TAB button to move to the Subject: field, I am prompted to select which one of the ?Duane Fish? entries I want to use. One of them as you can see, is an external e-mail address and the other is an internal GroupWise account.

Figure 1

This is the issue many people have found recently. This is how GroupWise is supposed to function. If it finds duplicate entries, it cannot read your mind to select which one you intended to which you wish to send an e-mail, therefore, you must select from the list. Again, this is working as designed.

So how do we change it so that you can type in the name of the person you want without having this popping up all the time?

The solution is rather simple, but it requires changes in every entry of which you have ?duplicates?. The rest of this document explains why this happens and how to make changes.

Referring back to Figure 1 on the previous page, the To: field is what gives the solution away. Opening my Address Book and searching for ?Duane Fish?, I end up with the result as shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2

Notice that under the Name column, there are identical entries for ?Fish, Duane?, but they have different e-mail addresses. This column is where GroupWise pulls the information to put in the To: field for sending e-mail. If you change this entry for either address, you will no longer receive the pop-up asking which one you want to use for sending e-mail.

The next page shows how to change this information.

Hi-liting the entry for ?Fish, Duane? that is an external internet e-mail address, I then click the Information button so that I can edit that particular entry.

Figure 3

This then, gives us the results in Figure 4.

Figure 4

The Display name: field is what needs to be changed. All of my external e-mail accounts have the same name for E-mail address: as Display name:. The next page shows how to change them (simple copy/paste).

Just hi-lite the name in E-mail address:, right-click it, select Copy . . .

Figure 5

Then hi-lite the Display name: field, right-click on that, and select Paste.

Figure 6

The result is Figure 7 as shown below.

Figure 7

Click the OK button to save it, and the Address Book now has two different Names for ?Fish, Duane? as shown in Figure 8 below.

Figure 8

Now when I send an e-mail to ?Fish, Duane?, I am no longer prompted to select between the two entries.

Figure 9

When I wish to send an e-mail to ?Fish, Duane? via external internet e-mail, I simply type in the name I copied into the Display name: field in the Address Book. The auto-complete finds the entry I selected.

Figure 10

Of course, you can enter whatever you like for the Display name: field so that it finds the name you wish. Again, you may have to do this for every duplicate entry you have.

Download the pdf version of this article here.

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