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Importing Netscape Address Books into GroupWise

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By Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 27 Jun 2002

We recently answered a question on how to import Netscape address books into GroupWise. Tommy Mikkelsen sent us a tool that will import it for you!


WS wrote: I'm looking for a fairly simple way to import existing address books from Netscape 4.7 into GroupWise 6.

Whenever I try to import addresses into GroupWise, the only supported format is Outlook Express.


You can try using the Import POP3/IMAP feature.

See TID#10066355 for step-by-step instructions or read Importing Address Books from POP3/IMAP4 E-Mail Accounts in the GroupWise 6 documentation.

Tommy Mikkelsen:

A couple of weeks ago, You had a FAQ about importing Netscape address book into GroupWise. The suggestion was a bit difficult to use, so I've dusted off one of my old apps, and updated it a bit.

Simply run it, select the LDif file, select a NAB file to create, and hit "Generate"

Download the Netscape Address Book Import tool here:

If you have any questions you may contact Tommy at

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