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Re-Create a GroupWise User with the Same FID and GUID.

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Posted: 26 Feb 2004

We've had several questions from readers asking how to re-create deleted GroupWise user accounts. Here is a TID from Novell Technical Support that may help you out.

For updates see TID-10060800.

GroupWise 6 relies on the GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) heavily. If a GroupWise user is deleted, you will want to recreate the user with the same FID AND GUID for the GroupWise 6 system to properly hook the user up to the different GW components.

Also in order to use the GWRESTORE utility the users GUID must match the live system and the backed up PO records.

***This is only true in GroupWise 6 sp1 and earlier. GroupWise 6 sp2 agents do not verify the GUID so you can recreate the deleted user with the same FID only and use the restore feature to retrieve their mail.

Follow the steps below to recreate a GroupWise user with the same FID and GUID.

First we will assume the following:

  1. UserA was deleted from the Domain DO2, and Post Office PO2.

  2. DO2 is a secondary domain. DO1 is the name of the primary domain.

  3. We have a good backup of the PO2 postoffice as well as the DO2 or DO1 domain from before the user was deleted.

  4. NOTE: This procedure will not work in a single domain GW system. You must have at least 2 domains a Primary and Secondary. Also, these steps will not work if the user is in a Post Office owned by the Primary domain.

Follow these steps to restore the user with the same GUID:

  1. Restore users OWNING domain to a temp location (C:\TEMP\DO2). In this scenario it would be DO2.

  2. Create a wpcsin\2 directory underneath the DO2 directory (C:\TEMP\DO2\WPCSIN\2) NOTE: In step 3 we have a couple options. Your environment will determine what option you can use.

  3. At this point we are either going to need to run NWADMIN or ConsoleOne with NO reference to UserA's NDS account OR we must temporarily recreate a GW user that hooks into their existing NDS account. Let me explain. The main act that allows us to recreate a user with the same GUID is to be able to synchronize the user while connected to the restored DO2 domain. This creates the ADMIN messages that contain the information about UserA with their original GUID and FID etc. If you try to synchronize UserA while you are authenticated to the tree where UserA's NDS object exists you will receive an error and the Synch will not work. Because of this there are a couple workarounds:
    1. Delete UserA's NDS account. If this cannot be done, then...
    2. Temporarily create a GW account in the live system which will be associated to UserA's NDS account. (This is a TEMPORARY account and can have a totally Different FID etc. This account will end up being deleted before the "real" UserA's GW account is recreated.)

  4. Connect to the RESTORED DO2's WPDOMAIN.DB located in the C:\temp\DO2 directory. (From Nwadmin choose Tools | System Operations | System Connection | Specify Other Domain. Browse out to the C:\TEMP\DO2\WPCSIN\2 directory and hit OK. You will now see the domain in the C: drive listed in the Current system window, last click Connect to actually connect to this database)

  5. Make sure that the C:\TEMP\DO2\WPCSIN\2 directory has NO files in it.

  6. Find UserA in the GroupWise view, right click and synchronize this use. This will place some admin files in the C:\TEMP\DO2\WPCSIN\2 directory. These are the files that contain the information we need in order to get the user recreated in your live GroupWise system.

  7. Copy these files from the WPCSIN\2 directory of the temp dir to the Live system OWNING domains WPCSIN\2 folder. (DO2's wpcsin\2 directory)

  8. The secondary domain (DO2) will replicate this information the primary domain. (NOTE: The Admin thread will NOT write these admin messages into its own WPDOMAIN.DB, it will simply replicate them to the primary DO1 domain.

  9. Confirm that this has happened by connecting to the primary DO1 domain and checking to make sure it now has a record for the USERA user in the DO2 domain.

  10. While connected to the primary domain, shut down the secondary DO2 domain and rebuild the secondary domain database. (Highlight the secondary domain, right click and choose System Maintenance | Rebuild Database).

  11. Load the MTA for the secondary domain, then connect to this domain from NWadmin or ConsoleOne. You will now see USERA. Synchronize this user and it will replicate out to all domains and postoffices in the system. You now have the user recreated with the same FID and the same GUID that they had before they were deleted.

For updates see TID-10060800.

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