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A Simple Way to Recreate Deleted GroupWise Users

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By Ruud van der Zwet

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Posted: 26 Sep 2002

How to recreate a deleted GroupWise user and restore their mail.

This was tested in GroupWise 6 SP1 but will also work in GroupWise 5.5 SP4.

If you've deleted a GroupWise account (or even the NDS account), here is a simple way to recreate the user and restore their mail, appointments, etc...

  1. You will have to know the deleted accounts File ID (FID). Make a list of the FID's of all your users. You can check your FID in ConsoleOne (in GW View), NwAdmin (in GW View) and in the GW client (help, about, behind username). It's based on 3 characters for example 7zj. Those three characters are linked to the user databases, USER7ZJ.DB located under the postoffice ofuser directory.

  2. You have to restore that particular directory from backup to the user's directory only when it's not existing, otherwise you have to copy it to a different location.

  3. Recreate the GroupWise account (or NDS account first if you deleted that too) and note the new FID, for example dv3.

  4. Start the GroupWise client and exit

  5. Rename new USERDV3.DB to WHATEVER.DB

  6. Copy or rename the old USER7ZJ.DB to USERDV3.DB in the ofuser directory

  7. Start GroupWise client and the old mail, appointments, tasks, etc are there.

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