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How to Blind Copy a Group with Group Name Showing in the To: Field

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By Peter Kall

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Posted: 11 Dec 2002

Problem: How to send blind copy mail to all members of a group, but still have the group name show in the To: field.

Solution: My client wanted to send a blind copy e-mail to all members of a group, but still show in the To: field that the e-mail was going to the group. Our usual workaround to BC e-mail is to put the senders e-mail address in the To field. It occurred to me that the way to solve this clients dilemma was to still put his e-mail address in the To: field, but simply change the Display Name to the group name. I created a new address in his Personal Address Book, with "E-mail" in the First Name field, "Information Group" in the Last Name field, for a Display Name of "E-mail Information". The clients own e-mail address went in E-mail Address. He also has a Group set up in his Personal Address Book under the name "E-mail Information". He can now send a BC to the group, with the To: field showing "E-mail Information Group". It is easy to make sure you have the group in the right address field (BC:) by checking for the group icon beside the group name.

Peter Kall

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