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Create a GroupWise Calendar Shortcut

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By Jeff Gardiner

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Posted: 23 Dec 2002

Problem: One step access to GroupWise Calendar in a separate window

Solution: You can simplify accessing the calendar by adding an icon for the specific calendar view you want. (I prefer the Day view as it has the appointments/notes for that day/tasks and the surrounding 3 months)

  • explore ( My Computer... C Drive...etc) your way to C:\Novell\GroupWise\OFVIEWS\WIN
  • drag the USDAY.VEW file to the QuickLaunch part of your taskbar to create an icon (put it beside the GroupWise icon U have there already)
Optional 2nd step to modify the icon from the GW-on-a-folder look:
  • right click on the icon and go to properties
  • select Change Icon ( I prefer the one in the 1st column, 2nd row that looks like a clock on a daybook)
  • click - OK-OK

You can also follow similar steps to place an icon on the desktop or drag it to the Start Button to put it on the StartMenu.

If you prefer a different view, or to see all the different views before deciding which one you prefer, just dbl-click on .vew files that have the GW-on-a-folder icon like USDAY.VEW.

Jeff Gardiner

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