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Forwarding Multiple Emails

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By Lynne Dennis

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Posted: 22 Jan 2003

See Other Suggestions below for more tips from our readers. - updated 22 Jan 2003

Problem: How to forward multiple e-mail on one outgoing e-mail to a recipient(s) without having to forward each e-mail separately.

Solution: To attach different/many e-mails to one outgoing e-mail follow the steps below:

  1. bring up an e-mail form;
  2. fill out normal blocks (to, subject, etc);
  3. write a comment in the message box, if you'd like;
  4. drag the form over by clicking and dragging the top bar of the message to display the e-mail in your inbox;
  5. with your cursor, select the e-mail you want to attach by clicking and dragging it down towards the task bar. NOTE: ONCE YOU CLICK & DRAG THE E-MAIL, YOUR MESSAGE FORM WILL MOVE DOWN TO THE TASK BAR,
  6. Continue dragging the e-mail to the message form icon on your task bar, WHICH WILL AUTOMATICALLY MAKE THE MESSAGE FORM POP BACK UP,
  7. Then continue dragging the e-mail to the attachment box of your message;
  9. repeat for additional e-mails you want to attach. WITH THIS PROCEDURE YOU CAN SEND COPIES OF MULTIPLE E-MAILS ON ONE OUTGOING E-MAIL.

Other Suggestions

Christie Nader - 22 Jan 2003

With GroupWise 6, the FASTEST way is to CTRL-Click or SHIFT-Click to highlight the messages you want to attach. Right-click on one of the highlighted messages and choose "Forward as Attachment". Voila!

Nathaniel Barber - 15 Jan 2003

Lynne Dennis's tip certainly works, but the same thing can be done with fewer steps.

One way to save steps is to use shift-click or ctrl-click to extend the selection of e-mails you're going to attach. Once you've selected them all, click and hold on any one of your selected e-mails, and then drag them to the attachment box as Lynn describes (via the Task Bar).

If your GroupWise window is maximized and you don't want to resize it, you must drag the e-mails to the e-mail form's attachment box via the Task Bar. But you can avoid taking a Task Bar detour if you resize GroupWise so that you can see the e-mail form and the GroupWise window on your desk top at the same time. That way you can drag multiple selected e-mails from your inbox directly to the form's attachment box in one move.

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