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Tracking Who's Out of the Office

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By William MacLeod

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Posted: 3 Jan 2003

Problem: We have always had issues wanting to know when people were out of the office. Years ago we developed a home grown program that people would put this information and anyone could look at it, but it was DOS based and people had to open it and close it. It turned out the receptionists were really the only people using it. When they found out someone would not be in the office they would enter the information in this and then it would be available for them when they were asked. As we grew, we ended up with the same problem we always had of not knowing when people were going to be out of the office.

Solution: It is really a pretty basic solution, but it works great. We created a mailbox in groupwise. We figured everyone is already using groupwise and they are already either scheduling their time in and/or sending reminder notes to their departments so why not have people add this address to their appointments or reminders and then everyone in the company can proxy into it any time they want to see where other people are or are going to be, ie. vacation, sick, out of the office for a few hours. This might not be the right solution for a company of thousands but we have about 500 people and it works great.

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