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How to Recreate a Deleted GroupWise Account and Restore Email

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By Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 8 Jan 2003

Tommy Mikkelsen needed to recreate a newly deleted GroupWise account for a customer and restore all of the e-mail for a customer, but the only backup was one month old! Find out how he was able to recreate the account and retrieve all of the e-mail from the latest backup, and the new e-mail received since then.

Goal: How to recreate a GroupWise Account that has been deleted by accident, and restore all e-mail.

  1. Restore \WPDomain.db from a date before the deletion into a temporary place.
  2. Select from ConsoleOne the menu Tools/GroupWise System Operations/ Select System, and point to the restored WPDomain.db
  3. Find the deleted user, select the GW Account leaf, and write down the File ID.
  4. Create a text-file within Notepad, that look's like this:

    "<Users LastName>", "<User CN>", "<User GW File ID>"



  5. Hit enter once after typing this, and save this file to a temporary place.
  6. Download from the file named gwport32.exe, and extract into your ConsoleOne.
  7. Select from the menu Tools/GroupWise Utilities/Import

    Configure as follows:

  8. Hit "Run"
  9. Launch Groupwise, and login as the User
  10. User will now be added to NWGuard.db, and his UserXXX.db will be created. (XXX is the NGW File ID)
  11. Log out of GroupWise.
  12. Restore from tape the file \ofuser\UserXXX.db
  13. Log into GroupWise as the user.
  14. Users E-mail will now be present from the date of the tape, except for some deleted mails
  15. Create a GW Archive from within the GW Client, and Archive all mails etc?(Select find *)
  16. Select from ConsoleOne the User, and select from the menu Tools/GroupWise Utilities/ Mailbox-Library Maintenance.
  17. Select the action "Re-Create User Database"
  18. All mails missing from the restored UserXXX.db will now be put into the cabinet, and the mails that in the meantime have been deleted, will be removed.
  19. Go into the archive, select Find *, and dearchive everything.
  20. DONE !!!!!

By doing this, a GroupWise Account with mails etc. can be recreated, even if the backup is from an older date, but????..

If all mails are to be restored, this procedure must be followed as soon as possible after the deletion.

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