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Prioritizing/Sorting Tasks in The Calendar View

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By Ray Spencer

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Posted: 15 Jan 2003

Problem: Prioritizing/sorting tasks in the Calendar view.

The Tasks for the same priority rating are listed in the order that they are created/edited.


I include the "Week number" option in my Calendar view, and use the week# of the end-date of the Task in the priority field. This ensures that all the Tasks that are due in a specific week are grouped together. Then, to see at a glance which is due when, in that week, I include the due date as the first 2 characters in the Subject field. I then also use Tasks, with high priority numbers, for storing data that is ongoing / current in a convenient place. The list then appears:

  • 6 07 Server files clean-up
  • 6 05 Pay Electricity A/c
  • 6 07 Salary input cut-off
  • 8 19 Performance Plans due
  • 10 07 Salary input cut-off
  • 13 25 Confirm conference reservations
  • 99 Mobile tel numbers
  • 99 2003/04 Budget requirements

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