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GroupWise Printing only in Arabic

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By Verne Farley

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Posted: 12 Jun 2003

See Other Suggestions below for additional solutions. - (updated - 6/12/03)

Problem: GroupWise prints email only in Arabic!

We read a solution for this problem that suggests installing the latest print driver, not using an enhanced print driver, or downgrading to a "generic" print driver (such as a LJ4). We are already using the latest print driver, and *must* use the enhanced print driver, and cannot downgrade without loosing valuable features.

Solution: Our solution is to change the "Print Quality" DPI in the print driver properties from 600 to 300; or if 600 is the lowest setting, from 1200 to 600. We have used this fix on over 100 workstations.

Other Suggestions:

We have been able to solve this problem without fail on multiple machines by simply enabling "TrueType as bitmap" in the printer properties. This worked for win9x and winNT based systems. The only issue is finding where to change this setting. It could be found is a "Print Quality" or "Fonts" tab. In the new HP printer drivers, I've found it in the "Finishing" tab in "Print Quality" under Details. -- Submitted by: Juan Medin - 6/12/03

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