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Rule to Accept Appointments When No Conflict Exists

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By Sonya Travis

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Posted: 12 Feb 2003

Problem: Our District has created a GroupWise User ID assigned to represent each building. The calendar is then used to schedule events. Each building's calendar is proxied to various administrative departments, such as Energy Management, Security, and School Facilities, to allow departments to schedule air/heat, verify existence of events when burglar alarms are activated, and to coordinate lease functions after hours.

As the facilities leasing contact person, I created each lease event's appointment on the respective building calendar to which I am proxied, sending an appointment to my department's master calendar as well. The problem was the time needed to accept each and every appointment.

Solution: To solve this inconvenience, I created a "No Conflict" Rule. This rule accepts appointments to the calendar when no conflict exists. Since I send approximately 5,000+ appointments each year to a total of 70 building calendars, this rule saves me many needed hours.


  1. Click Tools > Rules > New
  2. Name: No Conflict Auto Scheduler;
  3. Event is New Item, for items Received;
  4. Item type is Appointments and Reminder Notes;
  5. Conflict exists box is marked No;
  6. Action is Accept;
  7. Action marks calendar Busy;
  8. Action comment is No conflict--item successfully scheduled

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