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GroupWise SetupIP Client Installation Guide

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Posted: 5 Mar 2003

For updates see TID-10079869.

To use SetupIP to install the GroupWise client files, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that GroupWise 6.x Administration and GroupWise 6.x agents have been installed, and that administration, agent, and client software have been updated.

  2. Download the appropriate SETUPIP.FIL file. SETUPIP.FIL is not included in the support pack image because of its size (over 44 MB). This file must be downloaded separately from Novell Software Downloads and copied to <name of SDD>\ADMIN\UTILITY\SETUPIP.

  3. Create a directory to hold the GroupWise client files on your web server. In our example we will call this directory \GWCLIENT.

    • On a NetWare 6 server running the Apache Webserver for NetWare, create the directory in the document root directory, SYS:\APACHE\NWDOCS or SYS:\APACHE\HTDOCS.

      • On a NetWare 6 server running the Apache Webserver you must verify that "Fancy Indexing" is enabled. The simplest way to do this is to locate the *.CONF file that the Apache Webserver is using and add the following three lines to the end of the *.CONF file:
        <IfModule mod_autoindex.c>
        IndexOptions FancyIndexing
    • On a NetWare 5.x or 6 server running the Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare, create the directory in the SYS:\NOVONYX\SUITESPOT\DOCS directory.

    • On a Windows NT/2000 server running the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) for Windows, create the directory in the \INETPUB\WWWROOT directory.

    • On a Solaris server running the Apache Webserver, create the directory in the <webserver root directory>/HTDOCS directory.

    • On a Red Hat Linux server running the Apache Webserver, create the directory in the <webserver root directory>/ HTDOCS directory.

  4. Copy the appropriate SETUPIP.FIL from <name of the SDD>\ADMIN\UTILITY\SETUPIP\ to the directory you created in step 3.

  5. From the <name of SDD>\ADMIN\UTILITY\SETUPIP directory run WRITEIP.EXE.
    • Specify the full path to the SETUPIP.FIL. For example, you can specify:
    • You can also include proxy and port information, for example:

    • You can specify up to five locations. During AutoUpdate, each location is checked, in order, until a connection is made. If you select Choose IP Address at Random, the order in which the locations are checked is selected randomly when AutoUpdate occurs. This will balance the load on the web server.

    • Specify other options, such as the location for downloading the client installation files (SETUPIP.FIL or the CLIENT subdirectory files). You can have files downloaded to a temporary or specific directory. If you select Allow the User to Change the Download Directory, the user is prompted for the location of the download directory and can change the default location.

    • &.nbsp; Click OK. SETUPIP.EXE is created. WRITEIP.INI, which stores the options you selected in WRITEIP.EXE, is also created.

  6. Copy SETUPIP.EXE to the <name of SDD>\CLIENT\WIN32 directory.

  7. Make a backup copy of <name of SDD>\CLIENT\SETUP.CFG.

  8. Using an ASCII text editor, edit the following entries in the SETUP.CFG file.
    • Under the [AutoUpdate] heading, specify Enabled=Yes
    • Specify ForceUpdate=Yes if you want GroupWise to automatically update the users' client software
      Specify ForceUpdate=No if you want users to be prompted to update their client software.
    • Specify the number of grace logins you want to .allow a user before forcing an AutoUpdate, for example: GraceLoginCount=2. This entry is ignored if ForceUpdate=No.
    • AutoUpdate, specify SetupIPEnabled=Yes

  9. Save the file as SETUP.CFG. Copy SETUP.CFG from
    <name of SDD>\CLIENT
    <name of SDD>\CLIENT\WIN32.
    See "Modifying the Configuration File" in the GroupWise 6 Admin Guide for more information.

  10. Create a \WIN32 directory in \GWCLIENT directory that you created in step 3.

  11. Copy the SETUP.CFG file to the \GWCLIENT\WIN32 directory.

  12. If necessary, modify ADDON.CFG files with the values you want. See "Modifying ADDON.CFG" in the GroupWise 6 Admin Guide for more information.

  13. Log in to ConsoleOne as an Admin equivalent.
    • Click Tools > GroupWise System Operations.

    • Double-click Software Directory Management.

    • Click the SDD > Update.

    • Select Force Auto-Update Check by GroupWise Components.

    This causes the Novell GroupWise client to check for a new version. If a new version is found, the next time a user starts the GroupWise client, they are prompted to update the client software. If you have set ForceUpdate=Yes, the user will not be prompted before installation begins. GroupWise looks at the IP locations you specified in WRITEIP.INI and installs the client software.

    In the event that no connection to the SDD can be made, the file SETUPIP.ERR is created in C:\WINDOWS of the user's workstation. This file explains why none of the connections could be made.

For updates see TID-10079869.

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